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Meaning of FACE-TO-FACE

Pronunciation:  'feystu'feys

Computing Dictionary

(F2F, irl) Used to describe personal interaction in real life as opposed to via some digital or electronic communications medium.

Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: aboveboard, adjacent, adjoining, at opposite extremes, back to back, before one, bordering, connecting, conterminous, contiguous, contrariwise, contrary, coterminous, counter, end to end, endways, endwise, eyeball to eyeball, immediate, in broad daylight, in open court, in plain sight, in plain view, in public, in public view, in the marketplace, in the open, joined, just opposite, juxtaposed, juxtapositional, juxtapositive, neighbor, neighboring, next, nose to nose, on the table, openly, opposite, overtly, poles apart, publicly, vis-a-vis