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Meaning of DIRECTORY

Pronunciation:  di'rekturee

Matching Terms:  director, director of research, directorate, directorial, directorship, director-stockholder relation, directory access protocol, directory service, directory system agent, directory user agent

Computing Dictionary

A node in a hierarchical file system which contains zero or more other nodes - generally, files or other directories.

Compare folder.

Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: account, acquaintance, advisory body, Almanach de Gotha, announcement, assembly, association, atlas, Baedeker, bench, bibliography, blue book, board, board of directors, board of regents, board of trustees, body of advisers, borough council, brain trust, briefing, British Cabinet, bulletin, business directory, cabinet, cadre, calendar, camarilla, casebook, catalog, catalogue raisonne, chamber, checklist, city council, city directory, classified catalog, classified directory, common council, communication, communique, concordance, conference, congress, consultative assembly, council, council fire, council of ministers, council of state, council of war, county council, court, cyclopedia, data, datum, deliberative assembly, diatesseron, dictionary catalog, diet, directorate, dispatch, divan, encyclopedia, enlightenment, evidence, executive arm, executive committee, executive hierarchy, facts, factual information, familiarization, finding list, gazetteer, gen, genealogy, general information, governing board, governing body, guidebook, handbook, handlist, handout, hard information, harmony, incidental information, index, info, information, infrastructure, instruction, intelligence, interlocking directorate, itinerary, junta, kitchen cabinet, knowledge, legislature, light, management, mention, message, notice, notification, parish council, pedigree, phone book, polyglot, presentation, privy council, promotional material, proof, publication, publicity, record book, Red Book, reference book, release, report, road map, roadbook, Royal Kalendar, Sanhedrin, sidelight, Social Register, source book, soviet, staff, statement, steering committee, studbook, syndicate, synod, telephone book, telephone directory, the administration, the brass, the dope, the executive, the goods, the know, the people upstairs, the scoop, top brass, transmission, tribunal, US Cabinet, white book, white paper, word, work of reference, Yellow Pages