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Meaning of DEMIGOD

Pronunciation:  'demee`gâd

Matching Terms:  demigoddess, demigorge

Computing Dictionary

A hacker with years of experience, a national reputation, and a major role in the development of at least one design, tool, or game used by or known to more than half of the hacker community. To qualify as a genuine demigod, the person must recognisably identify with the hacker community and have helped shape it. Major demigods include ken thompson and dennis ritchie (co-inventors of unix and c) and richard stallman (inventor of emacs). In their hearts of hearts, most hackers dream of someday becoming demigods themselves, and more than one major software project has been driven to completion by the author's veiled hopes of apotheosis.

See also net.god, true-hacker.

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Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: a man, Achilles, brave, bulldog, chutzpanik, David, decorated hero, demigoddess, fighting cock, gallant, gamecock, god, goddess, godkin, godlet, godling, good soldier, Hector, hero, heroine, idol, lion, man of courage, paladin, phoenix, Roland, Samson, stalwart, superhuman, the brave, tiger, valiant, valiant knight