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Meaning of COAX

Pronunciation:  kowks

Computing Dictionary

coaxial cable

Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: advocate, allure, apply pressure, bait, bait the hook, banter, barter, beguile, beset, besiege, blandish, blarney, bug, butter up, buttonhole, cajole, call on, call upon, charm, con, decoy, draw, draw in, draw on, dun, ensnare, entice, exert pressure, exhort, flirt, flirt with, get, give the come-on, high-pressure, importune, induce, insist, insist upon, inveigle, jawbone, jolly, lead on, lobby, lure, manipulate, nag, nag at, offer bait to, persuade, pester, plague, plead with, ply, press, pressure, prevail, push, recommend, rope in, seduce, soft-soap, suck in, sweet-talk, tease, tempt, urge, wheedle, woo, work on