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Meaning of ASSET

Pronunciation:  'aset

Matching Terms:  asse, assecuration, assecure, assecution, assegai, assemblage, assemblance, assemble, assembled, assembler, assemblies of god, assembling, assembly, assembly code, assembly hall, assembly language, assembly language compiler, assembly language for multics, assembly line, assembly plant, assembly program, assemblyman, assemblywoman, assent, assentation, assentator, assentatory, assenter, assentient, assenting, assentive, assentment, assert, assert oneself, assertable, asserted, asserter, asserting(a), assertion, assertive, assertively, assertiveness, assertiveness training, assertor, assertorial, assertory, assess, assessable, assessee, assession, assessment, assessor, assessorial, assessorship, asset management, asset source for software engineering technology, assets, assever, asseverate, asseveration, asseverative, asseverator, asseveratory

Computing Dictionary

asset source for software engineering technology

Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: advantage, assets, bankroll, benefit, capital, distinction, effects, equity, glory, holdings, honor, means, money, ornament, possessions, principal, property, resource, resources, strength, talent, valuables, wealth