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Meaning of YPBPR

Video Dictionary
 Definition: If three components are to be conveyed in three separate channels with identical unity excursions, then the Pb and Pr colour difference components are used: Pb = (0.5/0.886) * (Bgamma - Y) Pr = (0.5/0.701) * (Rgamma - Y) These scale factors limit the excursion of EACH colour difference component to -0.5 .. +0.5 with respect to unity Y excursion: 0.886 is just unity less the luma coefficient of blue. In the analog domain Y is usually 0 mV (black) to 700 mV (white), and Pb and Pr are usually +- 350 mV. YPbPr is part of the CCIR Rec. 709 HDTV standard, although different luma coefficients are used, and it is denoted E'Pb and E'Pr with subscript arrangement too complicated to be written here. YPbPr is employed by component analog video equipment such as M-II and BetaCam; Pb and Pr bandwidth is half that of luma.