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Meaning of CHROMA

Pronunciation:  'krowmu

Matching Terms:  chroma key, chromaesthesia, chromascope, chromate, chromatic, chromatic aberration, chromatic color, chromatic colour, chromatic number, chromatic scale, chromatic vision, chromatical, chromatically, chromaticity, chromatics, chromatid, chromatin, chromatinic, chromatism, chromatogenous, chromatogram, chromatographic, chromatographical, chromatographically, chromatography, chromatography column, chromatology, chromatophore, chromatoscope, chromatosphere, chromatrope, chromatype, chrome, chrome alum, chrome green, chrome red, chrome steel, chrome yellow, chrome-nickel steel, chromesthesia, chrome-tungsten steel, chromic, chromic acid, chromid, chromidrosis, chrominance level, chromism, chromite, chromium, chromium steel, chromium-plate, chromo, chromoblast, chromoblastomycosis, chromogen, chromogenic, chromogenic label, chromograph, chromoleucite, chromolithograph, chromolithographer, chromolithographic, chromolithography, chromomere, chromomeres, chromophane, chromophore, chromophotograph, chromophotography, chromophotolithograph, chromoplast, chromoplastid, chromosomal, chromosomal aberration, chromosomal anomaly, chromosomal deletion, chromosomal inversion, chromosomal mutation, chromosome, chromosome mapping, chromosome painting, chromosome puffs, chromosome region p, chromosome region q, chromosome rosette, chromosome walking, chromosomes, chromosonal disorder, chromosphere, chromospheric, chromotype, chromous, chromule

Video Dictionary
 Definition: The color portion of the video signal that includes hue (phase angle) and saturation (amplitude) information. Requires luminance, or light intensity, to make it visible.