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Meaning of VITAL

Pronunciation:  'vItl

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Matching Terms:  vitaceae, vitaille, vital capacity, vital force, vital organ, vital principle, vital sign, vital signs, vital statistics, vitalic, vitalisation, vitalise, vitaliser, vitalism, vitalist, vitalistic, vitality, vitalization, vitalize, vitalizer, vitalizing, vitally, vitalness, vitals, vitamin, vitamin a, vitamin a1, vitamin a2, vitamin b, vitamin b complex, vitamin b1, vitamin b12, vitamin b2, vitamin b3, vitamin b6, vitamin b7, vitamin bc, vitamin c, vitamin d, vitamin d2, vitamin e, vitamin g, vitamin h, vitamin k, vitamin k1, vitamin k3, vitamin m, vitamin p, vitamin pill, vitamin-deficiency diet, vitaminise, vitaminize, vitamins, vitascope

Medical Dictionary
 Definition: Necessary to maintain life. Breathing is a vital function.