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Meaning of SECRETE

Pronunciation:  si'kreet

Matching Terms:  secret, secret agent, secret approval, secret ballot, secret code, secret plan, secret police, secret service, secret society, secret writing, secretage, secretaire, secretarial, secretarial assistant, secretarial school, secretariat, secretariate, secretary, secretary bird, secretary general, secretary of agriculture, secretary of commerce, secretary of commerce and labor, secretary of defense, secretary of education, secretary of energy, secretary of health and human services, secretary of health education and welfare, secretary of housing and urban development, secretary of labor, secretary of state, secretary of state for the home department, secretary of the interior, secretary of the navy, secretary of the treasury, secretary of transportation, secretary of veterans affairs, secretary of war, secretaryship, secretase, secrete-metory, secreter, secretin, secretion, secretion vector, secretist, secretitious, secretive, secretively, secretiveness, secretly, secretness, secretor, secretory, secretory organ, secretory phase

Medical Dictionary
 Definition: To produce and release, such as when beta cells make insulin and then release it into the blood for the body's cells to use in converting glucose into energy.