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Meaning of RECUR

Pronunciation:  ree'kurr

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Matching Terms:  recubation, recule, recultivation, recumb, recumbence, recumbency, recumbent, recuperable, recuperate, recuperation, recuperative, recuperator, recure, recureless, recurrence, recurrence interval, recurrent, recurrent cancer, recurrent event, recurrent fever, recurrently, recurring decimal, recursant, recurse, recursion, recursion theory, recursive, recursive acronym, recursive definition, recursive descent parser, recursive functional algorithmic language, recursive macro actuated generator, recursive routine, recursive type, recurvate, recurvation, recurve, recurved, recurviroster, recurvirostra, recurvirostral, recurvirostridae, recurvity, recurvous, recusal, recusancy, recusant, recusation, recusative, recuse, recussion

Medical Dictionary
 Definition: To occur again. Recurrence is the return of cancer, at the same site as the original (primary) tumor or in another location, after the tumor had disappeared.