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Meaning of NERVE

Pronunciation:  nurv

Matching Terms:  nerva, nervate, nervation, nerve block, nerve block anaesthesia, nerve block anesthesia, nerve cell, nerve cement, nerve center, nerve centre, nerve compression, nerve conduction studies, nerve conduction test, nerve conduction velocity studies, nerve deafness, nerve end, nerve ending, nerve entrapment, nerve fiber, nerve fibre, nerve gas, nerve growth factor, nerve impulse, nerve pathway, nerve plexus, nerve root, nerve roots, nerve sparing technique, nerve tissue, nerve tract, nerved, nerveless, nervelessly, nervelessness, nerve-racking, nerveroot, nerves, nerve-shaken, nerve-wracking, nervi, nervii olfactorii, nervily, nervimotion, nervimotor, nervine, nervomuscular, nervose, nervosity, nervous, nervous breakdown, nervous disorder, nervous exhaustion, nervous prostration, nervous strain, nervous system, nervous tissue, nervously, nervousness, nervure, nervus, nervus abducens, nervus accessorius, nervus coccygeus, nervus facialis, nervus femoralis, nervus glossopharyngeus, nervus hypoglosus, nervus ischiadicus, nervus oculomotorius, nervus opticus, nervus phrenicus, nervus radialis, nervus saphenus, nervus spinalis, nervus trigeminus, nervus ulnaris, nervus vagus, nervus vestibulocochlearis, nervy

Medical Dictionary
 Definition: A nerve is a bundle of fibers that uses electrical and chemical signals to transmit sensory and motor information from one body part to another. See nervous system.
Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: afferent neuron, animate, annoy, anxiety, aplomb, apprehension, assurance, assure, audacity, autonomic nervous system, axon, backbone, balance, balanced personality, balls, beef up, boldness, bolster, bottle, bottom, brace, brace up, brain, brashness, brass, bravery, brazenness, buck up, buttress, case harden, central nervous system, cerebral cortex, cheek, cheer, chirk up, chutzpah, confidence, confirm, constancy, cool, coolness, courage, craniosacral nervous system, crust, daring, dauntlessness, dendrite, determination, doughtiness, effector organ, efferent neuron, effrontery, embolden, encourage, equilibrium, face, fastness, fearlessness, firmness, fortify, fortitude, forwardness, fretfulness, fright, gall, ganglion, gird, gray matter, grit, gumption, guts, gutsiness, guttiness, harden, hardihood, hardiness, heart, heart of oak, hearten, homeostasis, hysteria, impertinence, imperturbability, importunacy, importunateness, impudence, insolence, inspire, inspirit, internuncial neuron, intestinal fortitude, intrepidity, invariability, invigorate, irritate, medullary sheath, mettle, moxie, nerve trunk, nerves, nervous system, nervousness, neuron, peripheral nervous system, pith, plexus, pluck, presumption, presumptuousness, prop, pushiness, reassure, refresh, reinforce, reinvigorate, reliability, resoluteness, restrengthen, rootedness, sand, sang-froid, sauce, secureness, security, self-assertion, self-assertiveness, self-expression, self-expressiveness, sensorium, sensory area, sensory cell, shore up, solar plexus, solidity, soundness, spinal cord, spirit, spunk, stability, stable equilibrium, stable state, stamina, staunchness, steadfastness, steadiness, steady nerves, steady state, steel, stiffen, stout heart, strengthen, stress, substantiality, support, sustain, synapse, temerity, temper, tenacity, tension, the heebie-jeebies, thoracolumbar nervous system, toughen, toughness, undeflectability, undergird, uniformity, unshakable nerves, unshakableness, upset, valor, white matter, will, worry