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Meaning of INCISION

Pronunciation:  in'sizhun

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Matching Terms:  incisional biopsy

Medical Dictionary
 Definition: A cut made in the body during surgery.
Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: abrasion, abysm, abyss, arroyo, bezel, blaze, blemish, box canyon, breach, break, burn, burr, canyon, cavity, chafe, chamfer, chap, chase, chasm, check, chimney, chink, chip, chiseling, cleft, cleuch, clough, col, concussion, corrugation, coulee, couloir, crack, crackle, cranny, craze, crena, crevasse, crevice, cross-hatching, cut, cwm, dado, defile, dell, demitint, depression, dike, ditch, donga, draw, engravement, engraving, etch, etching, excavation, fault, fissure, flash burn, flaw, flume, flute, fluting, fracture, fray, frazzle, furrow, gall, gap, gape, gash, gem-engraving, glass-cutting, glyptic, gorge, gouge, graving, groove, gulch, gulf, gully, hack, half tint, hatching, hole, hurt, indentation, injury, inscript, inscription, jag, jog, joggle, joint, kerf, kloof, laceration, leak, lesion, line, lining, marking, microgroove, moat, mortal wound, mutilation, nick, nock, notch, nullah, opening, pass, passage, puncture, rabbet, ravine, rent, rifling, rift, rime, rip, ruck, run, rupture, rut, scald, scissure, scorch, score, scoring, scotch, scrape, scratch, scratching, scuff, seam, second-degree burn, slash, slashing, slit, slot, sore, split, stab, stab wound, stipple, stippling, streak, stria, striation, sulcation, sulcus, tear, third-degree burn, tint, tooling, trauma, trench, type-cutting, valley, void, wadi, well-worn groove, wound, wounds immedicable, wrench, wrinkle