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Meaning of EMBRYO

Pronunciation:  'embree`ow

Matching Terms:  embryo sac, embryo transfer, embryo(a), embryogenesis, embryogenic, embryogeny, embryogony, embryography, embryologic, embryologist, embryology, embryoma of the kidney, embryon, embryonal, embryonal carcinoma, embryonal carcinosarcoma, embryonal rhabdomyosarcoma, embryonal rhabdosarcoma, embryonary, embryonate, embryonic, embryonic cell, embryonic membrane, embryonic stem (es) cells, embryonic tissue, embryoniferous, embryoniform, embryoplastic, embryotic, embryotomy, embryotoxic, embryotoxin, embryotroph, embryous

Medical Dictionary
 Definition: Having to do with an early stage in the development of a plant or an animal. In vertebrate animals, this stage lasts from shortly after fertilization until all major body parts appear. In particular, in humans, this stage lasts from about 2 weeks after fertilization until the end of the seventh or eighth week of pregnancy.