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Meaning of ANATOMY

Pronunciation:  u'natumee

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Matching Terms:  anatomic, anatomical, anatomical reference, anatomical sphincter, anatomical structure, anatomically, anatomise, anatomism, anatomist, anatomization, anatomize, anatomizer

Medical Dictionary
 Definition: The study of the structure and parts of the body.
Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: aerobiology, agrobiology, amnion, analysis, analyzation, anatomist, anatomizing, angiography, angiology, animal physiology, anthropography, anthropologist, anthropology, anthropometry, anthropotomy, appendicular skeleton, architectonics, architecture, arrangement, assay, assaying, astrobiology, axial skeleton, bacteriology, behavioral science, biochemics, biochemistry, biochemy, bioecology, biological science, biology, biometrics, biometry, bionics, bionomics, biophysics, bladder, bleb, blister, body, body-build, boll, bones, botany, breakdown, breaking down, breaking up, breakup, build, building, calyx, capsule, carcass, cell, cell physiology, clay, clod, comparative anatomy, composition, conchology, conformation, constitution, construction, corpus, craniology, craniometry, creation, cryobiology, cybernetics, cyst, cytology, demography, diaeresis, dissection, division, docimasy, ecology, electrobiology, embryology, entomology, enzymology, ethnobiology, ethnography, ethnologist, ethnology, ethology, exobiology, exoskeleton, fabric, fabrication, fashion, fashioning, figure, fistula, flesh, follicle, forging, form, format, formation, frame, gallbladder, genetics, geomorphology, getup, gnotobiotics, gravimetric analysis, helminthology, herpetology, histologist, histology, hulk, human ecology, human geography, ichthyology, legume, life science, loculus, make, makeup, making, malacology, mammalogy, manufacture, marsupium, material body, microbiology, mold, molding, molecular biology, morphologist, morphology, myography, myology, organic structure, organism, organization, organography, organology, ornithology, osteography, osteology, pattern, patterning, pericarp, person, pharmacology, physical body, physiology, physique, plan, pocket, pod, production, protozoology, proximate analysis, psychology, quantitative analysis, radiobiology, reduction to elements, resolution, sac, saccule, sacculus, saccus, science of man, scrotum, seedcase, segmentation, semimicroanalysis, separation, setup, shape, shaping, silique, sinus, skeleton, sociologist, sociology, soma, sound, splanchnography, splanchnology, stomach, structure, structuring, subdivision, taxidermy, taxonomy, tectology, tectonics, texture, tissue, torso, trunk, udder, vasculum, ventricle, vesica, vesicle, virology, warp and woof, weave, web, xenobiology, zoogeography, zoography, zoology, zoonomy, zoopathology, zoophysics, zootaxy, zootomy