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Meaning of TROUT

Pronunciation:  trawt

Matching Terms:  troubadour, troublable, trouble, trouble came back, trouble maker, trouble oneself, trouble shooter, troubled, trouble-free, troublemaker, troubler, trouble-shoot, troubleshooter, troublesome, troublesomeness, troubling, troublous, trou-de-loup, trough, trough-shell, troul, trounce, trouncing, troupe, trouper, troupial, trouse, trouser, trouser clip, trouser cuff, trouser leg, trousered, trousering, trousers, trousse, trousseau, trout lily, troutbird, trout-colored, troutlet, troutling, trouvere

Dream Dictionary
 Definition: Seeing a trout in your dream, symbolizes increasing prosperity. Dreaming that you are Seeing or eating trout means your cheerful attitude towards life. Dreaming that you catch a trout means pleasure. If it falls back into the water, then your happiness will be short-lived.