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Meaning of TRIAL

Pronunciation:  'trIul

Matching Terms:  triable, triableness, triacetate, triacetyluridine, triacid, triacle, triacontahedral, triaconter, triacylglycerol, triad, triadelphous, triadic, triaenodon, triaenodon obseus, triage, triakidae, triakisoctahedron, trial and error, trial attorney, trial balance, trial balloon, trial brief, trial court, trial judge, trial lawyer, trial period, trial run, trial(a), trial-and-error, trialeurodes, trialeurodes vaporariorum, triality, trialogue, triamcinolone, triamide, triamine, triander, triandria, triandrian, triangle, triangled, triangular, triangular bandage, triangular prism, triangulares, triangularity, triangularly, triangulate, triangulation, triangulum, triangulum australe, triarchy, triarian, triarticulate, trias, triassic, triassic period, triatic, triatoma, triatomic, triavil, triazine, triazolam

Dream Dictionary
 Definition: Dreaming that you are on trial indicates that you need to be more accepting of yourself and less judgmental on others.