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Meaning of TRADE

Pronunciation:  treyd

Matching Terms:  trad, trade acceptance, trade balance, trade barrier, trade bill, trade book, trade cycle, trade deficit, trade discount, trade edition, trade embargo, trade expense, trade gap, trade goods, trade in, trade magazine, trade name, trade policy, trade protection, trade rat, trade route, trade school, trade secret, trade stoppage, trade union, trade union movement, trade unioniam, trade unionist, trade wind, trade(a), tradecraft, traded, tradeful, trade-in, trade-last, tradeless, trademark, trade-mark, trademarked, tradeoff, trade-off, trader, trades union, tradescant, tradescantia, tradescant's aster, tradesfolk, tradesman, tradespeople, trades-unionist, tradeswoman, trading, trading card, trading floor, trading operations, trading post, trading stamp, tradition, traditional, traditional knowledge, traditionalism, traditionalist, traditionalistic, traditionality, traditionally, traditionarily, traditionary, traditioner, traditionlism, traditive, traditor, traduce, traducement, traducent, traducer, traducian, traducianism, traducible, traducingly, traduct, traduction, traductive

Dream Dictionary
 Definition: Dreaming that you are trading indicates mediocre success in business.