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Meaning of SUGAR

Pronunciation:  'shûgur

Matching Terms:  sugar apple, sugar beet, sugar bowl, sugar candy, sugar cane, sugar cookie, sugar corn, sugar daddy, sugar diabetes, sugar loaf, sugar maple, sugar of lead, sugar palm, sugar pea, sugar ray robinson, sugar refinery, sugar shell, sugar snap pea, sugar sorghum, sugar spoon, sugar sumac, sugar syrup, sugar water, sugarberry, sugar-bush, sugarcane, sugarcoat, sugar-coated, sugared, sugar-house, sugariness, sugaring, sugarless, sugarloaf, sugarplum, sugary

Dream Dictionary
 Definition: Seeing or eating sugar in your dream means that pleasures and enjoyment that you are denying yourself in your life. You need to indulge yourself sometimes and forget about the consequences. Seeing a sugar cube in your dream, suggests that you need to lighten up and quit being so serious.