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Meaning of STRIPE

Pronunciation:  strIp

Matching Terms:  strip, strip cropping, strip down, strip lighting, strip mine, strip miner, strip mining, strip poker, strip search, strip show, strip steak, strip(a), stripe blight, stripe set, striped, striped bass, striped button quail, striped coral root, striped dogwood, striped drum, striped gentian, striped hyena, striped killifish, striped maple, striped marlin, striped muishond, striped mullet, striped racer, striped skunk, striped squirrel, striped violet, striper, stripes, striping, strip-leaf, stripling, strip-mined, stripped, stripped-down, stripper, stripper well, strippet, stripping, strip-search, striptease, striptease artist, stripteaser, stripy

Dream Dictionary
 Definition: Seeing stripes in your dream, suggests that you are making a bold and daring statement. Horizontal stripes represent your directness and straightforwardness, while vertical stripes indicate that you are a non-conformist. In particular, black and white vertical stripes signify your limited way of thinking and close-mindedness.