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Meaning of STRING

Pronunciation:  string

Matching Terms:  strindberg, string along, string bass, string bean, string cheese, string expression interpreter, string line, string of beads, string of words, string orchestra, string oriented interactive compiler, string oriented symbolic language, string out, string processing language, string quartet, string quartette, string reduction, string section, string tie, string up, stringboard, stringcourse, stringed, stringed instrument, stringency, stringendo, stringent, stringent plasmid, stringently, stringer, stringhalt, stringiness, stringless, stringpiece, stringy, stringybark, stringybark pine

Dream Dictionary
 Definition: Seeing strings in your dream, represents binding, cohesion, and joining. It may relate to the strength of your involvement to a project, situation, or relationship. You may have concerns about holding some relationship together. Alternatively, the dream may indicate your need to use your position and leverage to get what you want. Dreaming that you are tying a string indicates something you have forgotten to do.