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Meaning of STEAM

Pronunciation:  steem

Matching Terms:  stead, steadfast, steadfastly, steadfastness, steadied, steadily, steadiness, steading, steady, steady down, steady flow, steady-going, steadying, steak, steak and kidney pie, steak au poivre, steak knife, steak sauce, steak tartare, steakhouse, steal, steal away, stealer, stealing, stealingly, stealth, stealthful, stealthily, stealthiness, stealthlike, stealthy, steam bath, steam boiler, steam chest, steam clean, steam coal, steam engine, steam fitting, steam heat, steam heating, steam iron, steam line, steam locomotive, steam organ, steam pipe, steam room, steam shovel, steam turbine, steam whistle, steamboat, steamboating, steamed, steamed pudding, steamer, steamer clam, steamfitter, steam-heat, steaminess, steaming, steam-powered, steamroll, steamroller, steamship, steamship company, steamship line, steamy, stean, steaningp, steapsin, stearate, stearic, stearic acid, stearin, stearolic, stearone, stearoptene, stearrhea, stearyl, steatite, steatitic, steatocystoma, steatoma, steatomatous, steatopyga, steatopygous, steatornis, steatornis caripensis, steatornithidae, steatorrhea, steatosis

Dream Dictionary
 Definition: Seeing or hearing steam in your dream indicates your emotional state regarding an issue or situation. It may indicate that you are headstrong and read to proceed forth on an issue. It may also indicate that you are angry with someone or something.