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Meaning of STATUE

Pronunciation:  'stachoo

Matching Terms:  statua, statuary, statue maker, statue of liberty, statued, statueless, statuelike, statuesque, statuesquely, statuette, statuminate, stature, statured, status, status asthmaticus, status epilepticus, status in quo, status offenders, status quo, status seeking, statutable, statutably, statute, statute book, statute law, statute mile, statute of frauds, statute of limitations, statute title, statute(p), statutorily, statutory, statutory construction, statutory law, statutory offence, statutory offense, statutory rape, statutory research

Dream Dictionary
 Definition: Seeing people you know as statues in your dream, symbolizes a lack of communication with that person and that the relationship is inflexible. On a more positive note, it may represent someone you idealize and admire. Dreaming that you are a statue means that your true self is out of touch with reality.