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Meaning of STATIC

Pronunciation:  'statik

Matching Terms:  static database management system, static dbms, static electricity, static line, static link, static magnet, static nested scope, static nested scoping, static ram, static random access memory, static scope, static tube, statically, statice, statics, statim, statin, statin drug, stating, station, station agent, station house, station keeper, station management, station waggon, station wagon, stational, stationariness, stationary, stationary phase, stationary stochastic process, stationary wave, stationer, stationery, stationery seller, stationmaster, stations of the cross, statism, statist, statistic, statistical, statistical analysis, statistical analysis system, statistical commission, statistical distribution, statistical mechanics, statistical method, statistical package for the social sciences, statistical table, statistical time division multiplexing, statistically, statistically significant, statistician, statistics, statistology, stative

Dream Dictionary
 Definition: To feel static in your dream, depicts your magnetic personality and how you are able to draw things to you.