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Meaning of STAMP

Pronunciation:  stamp

Matching Terms:  stamboul, stambul, stamen, stamened, stamin, stamina, staminal, staminate, stamineal, staminiferous, staminode, staminodium, staminophore, stammel, stammer, stammerer, stammering, stammering(a), stammeringly, stamp album, stamp battery, stamp collecting, stamp collection, stamp collector, stamp dealer, stamp down, stamp duty, stamp mill, stamp out, stamp pad, stamp tax, stamped, stampede, stamper, stamping, stamping ground, stamping machine, stamping mill

Dream Dictionary
 Definition: Seeing stamps in your dream, represents a need for communication. Consider what is depicted on the stamp and the amount. The symbol may also be a pun on stamping your feet. And thus you need to show more fortitude and confidence. Seeing a stamp collection in your dream means issues and concerns with money and/or security.