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Meaning of SMOKE

Pronunciation:  smowk

Matching Terms:  smokable, smoke alarm, smoke and mirrors, smoke ball, smoke bomb, smoke bush, smoke grenade, smoke hole, smoke out, smoke screen, smoke stacks, smoke test, smoke tree, smoke-cured, smoked, smoked haddock, smoked herring, smoked mackerel, smoked salmon, smoke-dried, smoke-dry, smoke-emitting diode, smoke-filled, smoke-free, smokehouse, smokejack, smokeless, smokeless powder, smoker, smokestack, smokily, smokiness, smoking, smoking car, smoking carriage, smoking clover, smoking compartment, smoking jacket, smoking mixture, smoking room, smoky, smoky quartz

Dream Dictionary
 Definition: Seeing smoke in your dream means that some trouble will be entering your life. You are suffering from confusion and anxiety. You are not seeing things clearly.