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Meaning of SHORTS

Pronunciation:  showrts

Matching Terms:  short, short account, short and sweet(p), short aria, short bone, short card, short circuit, short code, short covering, short day plant, short division, short gastric artery, short gut syndrome, short hundredweight, short iron, short letter, short line, short list, short message service, short order, short pants, short ribs, short sale, short saphenous vein, short selling, short shrift, short sleep, short sleeve, short story, short subject, short temper, short term exposure limit, short ton, short wave, short whist, short(p), shortage, short-billed marsh wren, shortbread, shortbread cookie, short-breathed, shortcake, short-change, short-circuit, shortclothes, shortcoming, shortcut, short-dated, shorten, shortened, shortener, shortening, shortest, shortest job first, shortfall, shortfin mako, shortgrass, short-haired, shorthand, shorthand typist, short-handed, short-handled, shorthead, short-headed, shorthorn, short-horned grasshopper, shortia, shortia galacifolia, shortish, short-jointed, shortleaf pine, short-leaf pine, shortleaf yellow pine, shortlist, short-lived, shortly, shortness, shortness of breath, short-order, short-range, short-run, short's aster, shortsighted, shortsightedness, short-snouted, short-spoken, short-spurred fragrant orchid, short-staffed, shortstop, short-stop, short-stop bath, shorttail weasel, short-tailed shrew, short-tempered, short-term, short-term memory, short-toed eagle, short-waisted, shortwave diathermy machine, short-winded, shortwing, short-winged, short-wited

Dream Dictionary
 Definition: Dreaming that you are wearing shorts indicates that you readiness to be more open and expose yourself. Alternatively, it refers to your youthful image and playful attitude.. The dream may also be a metaphor suggesting that you are selling yourself short.