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Meaning of SHEEP

Pronunciation:  sheep

Matching Terms:  sheehan's syndrome, sheeling, sheely, sheen, sheenly, sheeny, sheep bell, sheep botfly, sheep dip, sheep dog, sheep fescue, sheep frog, sheep gadfly, sheep ked, sheep laurel, sheep pen, sheep plant, sheep polypore, sheep rot, sheep sorrel, sheep tick, sheepback, sheepberry, sheepbite, sheepbiter, sheepcot, sheepcote, sheepdog, sheep-faced, sheepfold, sheep-fold, sheep-gate, sheep-headed, sheepherder, sheephook, sheepish, sheepishly, sheepishness, sheeplike, sheepman, sheep-market, sheepmaster, sheeprack, sheeprun, sheep's fescue, sheep's sorrel, sheep's-eye, sheep's-foot, sheepshank, sheepshead, sheepshead porgy, sheep-shearer, sheepshearing, sheep-shearing, sheepskin, sheepskin coat, sheepsplit, sheeptick, sheepwalk, sheepy, sheer, sheer(a), sheerly, sheerwater, sheet, sheet anchor, sheet bend, sheet cable, sheet chain, sheet erosion, sheet glass, sheet iron, sheet lighting, sheet metal, sheet music, sheet of paper, sheet pile, sheet piling, sheet web, sheetful, sheeting, sheetlike, sheet-metal work, sheetrock

Dream Dictionary
 Definition: Seeing sheep in your dream indicates that you lack initiative to venture out on your own. You feel uncreative and just conforming or going along with the flow.