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Meaning of SALVE

Pronunciation:  sav

Matching Terms:  salvability, salvable, salvador, salvadora, salvadora family, salvadora persica, salvadoraceae, salvadoran, salvadoran capital, salvadorean, salvadorian, salvage, salvage pathway, salvage therapy, salvageable, salvager, salvation, salvation army, salvationist, salvatory, salvelinus, salvelinus alpinus, salvelinus fontinalis, salvelinus namaycush, salver, salverform, salver-shaped, salvia, salvia azurea, salvia clarea, salvia farinacea, salvia lancifolia, salvia leucophylla, salvia lyrata, salvia officinalis, salvia pratensis, salvia reflexa, salvia sclarea, salvia spathacea, salvia verbenaca, salvidor dali, salvific, salving, salvinia, salvinia auriculata, salvinia rotundifolia, salviniaceae, salvo, salvor

Dream Dictionary
 Definition: Dreaming that salve is being applied on you indicates that you will overcome your struggles. Dreaming that you are applying salve on someone else means that you are a reliable and dependable person who will be there for a friend in need.