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Meaning of SALAD

Pronunciation:  'salud

Matching Terms:  sala, salaam, salability, salable, salacious, salaciously, salaciousness, salacity, salad bar, salad bowl, salad burnet, salad cream, salad days, salad dressing, salad fork, salad green, salad greens, salad nicoise, salad oil, salad plate, salade, salading, salaeratus, salagane, salah, salai, salal, salal-berry, salam, salamander, salamandra, salamandra atra, salamandra maculosa, salamandra salamandra, salamandridae, salamandriform, salamandrina, salamandrine, salamandroid, salamandroidea, salami, salamis, salamstone, salangana, salaried, salary, salary cut, salary increase, salathiel

Dream Dictionary
 Definition: Seeing or eating a salad in your dream, suggests that you need to express your feelings and take in the positive influences in your life in order to create personal growth. Alternatively, it indicates that you are longing for nature and good heath.