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Meaning of ROUGE

Pronunciation:  roozh

Matching Terms:  rouge dragon, rouge et noir, rouge plant, rougeberry, rougecroix, rouged, rough, rough bindweed, rough bristlegrass, rough drawing, rough endoplasmic reticulum, rough fish, rough green snake, rough horsetail, rough in, rough out, rough pea, rough rider, rough up, rough water, roughage, rough-and-ready, rough-and-tumble, roughcast, roughcaster, roughdraw, roughdried, roughdry, rough-dry, roughen, roughened, rough-footed, rough-grained, roughhead, roughhew, rough-hew, roughhewer, roughhewn, rough-house, roughing-in, roughings, roughish, rough-leaved aster, roughleg, rough-legged, rough-legged hawk, roughly, roughneck, roughness, roughness coefficient, roughrider, rough-sand, roughscuff, roughsetter, roughshod, rough-skinned newt, rough-spoken, rough-stemmed goldenrod, roughstrings, rought, roughtail, roughtail stingray, rough-textured, roughwork, roughwrought

Dream Dictionary
 Definition: Dreaming that you are wearing or putting on rouge means that you will obtain your desires through deceitful ways. Seeing others with rouge on their face indicates that you are being cleverly manipulated to further the gains of a deceitful person. Dreaming that rouge is coming off of your face means that you will be humiliated before your rival and lose your lover at the same time.