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Meaning of RELIGION

Pronunciation:  ri'lijun

Matching Terms:  religion of chi, religionary, religionism, religionist, religionize, religionless, religiosity, religious, religious belief, religious ceremony, religious cult, religious doctrine, religious festival, religious holiday, religious issues, religious leader, religious movement, religious music, religious mystic, religious mysticism, religious offering, religious order, religious orientation, religious outcast, religious person, religious residence, religious rite, religious ritual, religious school, religious sect, religious service, religious society of friends, religious song, religious text, religious trance, religious writing, religiously, religiousness

Dream Dictionary
 Definition: Dreaming that you are deeply religious, foretells of a negative turn to your business affairs and a disruption to your life. Dreaming that you are over religious means that your goody goody character will repulsed your lover or mate.