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Meaning of PRESS

Pronunciation:  pres

Matching Terms:  pres young, presage, presageful, presagement, presager, presagious, presbycusis, presbyope, presbyopia, presbyopic, presbyopy, presbyte, presbyter, presbyteral, presbyterate, presbyteress, presbyterial, presbyterian, presbyterian church, presbyterianism, presbyterium, presbytership, presbytery, presbytes, presbytes entellus, presbytia, presbytic, presbytism, prescapular, preschool, preschooler, prescience, presciendent, prescient, presciently, prescind, prescott, prescribe, prescribed, prescribed burn, prescriber, prescript, prescriptibility, prescriptible, prescription, prescription drug, prescription medicine, prescription(a), prescriptive, prescriptively, prescutum, preseance, preseason, preselect, presence, presence chamber, presence detect, presence of mind, presenile dementia, presensation, presension, present, present moment, present participle, present perfect, present perfect tense, present progressive, present progressive tense, present tense, present time, present value, present(a), presentable, presentably, presentaneous, presentation, presentation layer, presentation manager, presentational, presentative, present-day(a), presented, presentee, presentence report, presenter, presential, presentiality, presentiate, presentient, presentific, presentifical, presentiment, presentimental, presenting, presenting part, presention, presentive, presently, presentment, presentness, presentoir, presents, preservable, preservation, preservation potential, preservative, preservatory, preserve, preserved, preserver, preserves, preserving, preset, preshow, presidary, preside, presidence, presidency, president, president adams, president andrew johnson, president arthur, president benjamin harrison, president buchanan, president bush, president carter, president cleveland, president clinton, president coolidge, president eisenhower, president fillmore, president ford, president franklin roosevelt, president garfield, president grant, president harding, president harrison, president hayes, president hoover, president jefferson, president john adams, president john quincy adams, president johnson, president kennedy, president lincoln, president lyndon johnson, president madison, president mckinley, president monroe, president nixon, president of the united states, president pierce, president polk, president reagan, president roosevelt, president taft, president taylor, president theodore roosevelt, president truman, president tyler, president van buren, president washington, president william henry harrison, president wilson, presidential, presidential term, presidents, presidents' day, presidentship, presider, presidial, presiding, presiding officer, presidio, presidium, presignification, presignify, presley, presphenoid, presphenoidal, prespinal, press agency, press agent, press association, press box, press cake, press clipping, press conference, press corps, press cutting, press down, press down on, press gallery, press gang, press home, press lord, press of canvas, press of sail, press on, press out, press photographer, press proof, press release, press revise, press stud, press work, pressboard, pressburg, presscapula, pressed, presser, pressgang, pressing, pressingly, pression, pressiroster, pressirostral, pressitant, pressive, pressly, pressman, pressmark, pressor, presspack, presstriction, press-up, pressurage, pressure, pressure cabin, pressure cooker, pressure dome, pressure feed, pressure flaking, pressure gauge, pressure group, pressure level, pressure point, pressure sensation, pressure sore, pressure suit, pressure unit, pressure wires, pressure-cook, pressure-cooker(a), pressure-feed lubricating system, pressure-wash, pressurise, pressurised, pressurize, pressurized, pressurized water reactor, presswork, prest, prestable, prestation, prester, presternum, prestidigital, prestidigitation, prestidigitator, prestidigitization, prestige, prestige goods, prestigiation, prestigiator, prestigiatory, prestigious, prestigiousness, prestimony, prestissimo, presto, presultor, presumable, presumably, presume, presume to, presumed(a), presumedly, presumer, presumingly, presumption, presumptive, presumptively, presumptuous, presumptuously, presumptuousness, presupposal, presuppose, presupposition, presurmise, presymptomatic, presystolic

Dream Dictionary
 Definition: Seeing the press in your dream, suggests that there is a messages that you need to convey and get across to others. You need to pay more attention to the outside world and not be so self-absorbed. Dreaming that the press is chasing you indicates your lack of privacy. You may feel that someone or some situation is invading into your space.