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Meaning of PLANET

Pronunciation:  'planit

Matching Terms:  plane, plane angle, plane figure, plane geometry, plane seat, plane section, plane table, plane ticket, plane tree, planeness, plane-parallel, plane-polarized, planer, planer tree, planera, planet gear, planet wheel, plane-table, plane-table mapping, planetal, planetarium, planetary, planetary gear, planetary house, planetary nebula, planeted, planetesimal, planetesimal hypothesis, planetic, planetoid, planetoidal, plane-tree family, planet-stricken, planetule

Dream Dictionary
 Definition: Seeing a planet in your dream means creativity, exploration, and new adventures.
Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: asteroid, Earth, globe, inferior planet, Jupiter, major planet, Mars, Mercury, minor planet, Neptune, planetoid, Pluto, Saturn, secondary planet, solar system, superior planet, terrestrial planet, Uranus, Venus, wanderer, world