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Meaning of PARIS

Pronunciation:  'paris

Matching Terms:  pari, pari-, pari passu, pariah, pariah dog, parial, parian, paridae, paridigitata, paries, parietal, parietal art, parietal bone, parietal cells, parietal lobe, parietal pericardium, parietal placentation, parietal pleura, parietales, parietaria, parietaria difussa, parietary, parietes, parietic, parietine, parieto-, parietomastoid suture, parigenin, parillin, parimutuel, pari-mutuel machine, paring, paring knife, paripinnate, paris daisy, paris green, paris quadrifolia, paris university, parish, parishen, parishional, parishioner, parisian, parisienne, parisology, parisyllabic, paritor, paritory, parity, parity bit, parity check, parity error

Dream Dictionary
 Definition: Dreaming that you are in Paris, symbolizes your need for romance and passion. It also suggests that you are a person of distinction. You own personal experiences and knowledge of Paris will supercede the suggested interpretation here.