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Meaning of PANSY

Pronunciation:  'pansee

Matching Terms:  pans, pansclavic, pansclavist, panshon, pansied, pansinusitis, panslavic, panslavism, panslavist, panslavonian, pansophic, pansophical, pansophy, panspermatist, panspermic, panspermy, panstereorama, pansy orchid, pansy violet

Dream Dictionary
 Definition: Seeing a pansy in your dream, represents thoughts and nobility of the mind. Alternatively, it suggests that you are being too gullible.
Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: auntie, baby, big baby, bi-guy, bisexual, bull dyke, butch, catamite, chicken, crybaby, doormat, dull tool, dyke, fag, faggot, fairy, femme, flit, fricatrice, fruit, gunsel, gutless wonder, homo, homophile, homosexual, homosexualist, invert, invertebrate, jellyfish, lesbian, lightweight, meek soul, milksop, Milquetoast, mollycoddle, namby-pamby, nance, nebbish, nonentity, pantywaist, pathic, punk, pushover, queen, queer, sad sack, sapphist, sissy, softling, softy, sop, tribade, weak sister, weakling