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Meaning of MOP

Pronunciation:  mâp

Dream Dictionary
 Definition: Dreaming that you are mopping, suggests that you are letting go of something. You need to release your emotions and express it in a productive way. Seeing a mop in your dream, symbolizes domesticity. It may also represent the work needed to maintain and keep a household together.
Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: baptize, bath, bathe, crop, douche, fleece, flush, flush out, gargle, grimace, head, head of hair, holystone, irrigate, lather, launder, lave, locks, make a face, make a mouth, mane, mat, mop and mow, mop up, mouth, mow, mug, pout, pull a face, rinse, rinse out, ritually immerse, scour, scrub, scrub up, shag, shampoo, shock, shower, sluice, sluice out, soap, sponge, swab, syringe, thatch, toivel, tresses, tub, wash, wash out, wash up