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Meaning of MISTAKE

Pronunciation:  mi'steyk

Matching Terms:  mistakable, mistaken, mistakenly, mistakenness, mistaker, mistaking, mistakingly

Dream Dictionary
 Definition: Dreaming that you make a mistake indicates that you are doubting yourself in the choices and decisions you have made.
Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: bad job, bevue, bloomer, blooper, blunder, bobble, boggle, bonehead play, boner, boob, boo-boo, botch, bungle, clanger, clerical error, clumsy performance, contort, corrigendum, distort, erratum, error, etourderie, failure, false step, fault, faute, faux pas, flub, fluff, foozle, fumble, gaffe, garble, gaucherie, get one wrong, get wrong, gloss, goof, hash, howler, human error, indiscretion, make a miscue, make a mistake, mess, misapply, misapprehend, misapprehension, miscalculation, miscarriage, miscite, misconceive, misconception, misconstrue, miscount, miscue, misdeal, misdeem, misexplain, misexplicate, misexpound, misidentification, misidentify, misinterpret, misjudge, misjudgment, misplay, misprint, misquotation, misquote, misread, misrender, misreport, miss, misstatement, misstep, mistranslate, misunderstand, misunderstanding, misuse, muff, near-miss, off day, pervert, sad work, slip, slipup, squeeze, strain the sense, stumble, take for, torture, trip, twist the words, typo, typographical error, wrench