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Meaning of MANGO

Pronunciation:  'mangow

Matching Terms:  mangabey, mangan, manganate, manganesate, manganese, manganese bronze, manganese steel, manganese tetroxide, manganesian, manganesic, manganesious, manganesium, manganesous, manganic, manganic acid, manganiferous, manganite, manganium, manganous, mangcorn, mange, manged, mangel-wurzel, manger, mangey, mangifera, mangifera indica, mangily, manginess, mangle, mangled, mangler, manglietia, mango tree, mangold, mangoldwurzel, mangold-wurzel, mangonel, mangonism, mangonist, mangonize, mangosteen, mangosteen tree, mangrove, mangrove family, mangrove snapper, mangue, mangy

Dream Dictionary
 Definition: Seeing or eating a mango in your dream, symbolizes fertility, sexual desires, and lust. Alternatively, the mango may also be a pun to mean "man go" in reference to a relationship in which you should let go and move on.