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Meaning of INSECT

Pronunciation:  'insekt

Matching Terms:  insecable, insect bite, insect picornaviruses, insect powder, insect repellant, insect repellent, insecta, insectan, insectary, insectation, insectator, insected, insecticide, insectifuge, insectile, insection, insectivora, insectivore, insectivorous, insectlike, insectologer, insectology, insecure, insecurely, insecureness, insecurity, insecution

Dream Dictionary
 Definition: Seeing insects in your dream means minor obstacles that you must overcome. There are small problems and annoyances that need to be dealt with. Something or someone may be "bugging" or "pestering" you. Alternatively, insects are also said to be symbolic of precision, alertness, and sensitivity. You may need to organize your thoughts and sort out your values. Sometimes they are seen as divine messengers.
Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: animal, ant, aphid, aphis, arachnid, arthropod, assassin bug, beast, bedbug, bee, beetle, bluebottle, borer, bug, butterfly, caddis fly, caterpillar, centipede, chafer, chigoe, chilopod, Chilopoda, Chordata, cicada, cicala, cockchafer, cockroach, crane fly, cricket, cucumber flea beetle, cur, curculio, daddy longlegs, damselfly, deer fly, diplopod, dobson fly, dog, dragonfly, drosophila, dung beetle, earwig, Echiuroidea, Ectoprocta, Entoprocta, ephemerid, firefly, flea, fly, gadfly, glowworm, gnat, grain weevil, grasshopper, harvestman, hexapod, hornet, hound, hyena, jigger, katydid, kissing bug, lacewing, lady beetle, ladybird, ladybug, lantern fly, larva, Lepisma, locust, louse, maggot, mantis, mayfly, mealworm, midge, millepede, miller, millipede, mite, mole cricket, mongrel, Monoplacophora, mosquito, moth, Nemertinea, nymph, Phoronidea, pig, polecat, reptile, rice weevil, roach, scarab, scorpion, serpent, silverfish, skunk, snake, spider, springtail, squash bug, stag beetle, stinkbug, stone fly, swine, syrphus fly, tarantula, termite, tick, tiger moth, tsetse fly, tumblebug, varmint, vermin, viper, walkingstick, wasp, water bug, weevil, whelp, wood tick, worm, yellow jacket