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Pronunciation:  `inkow'heerunt

Matching Terms:  incoherence, incoherency, incoherentific, incoherently, incoherentness

Dream Dictionary
 Definition: Dreaming that you are incoherent, symbolizes extreme nervousness and excitement.
Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: abnormal, absurd, aleatoric, aleatory, aloof, ambiguous, amorphous, anomalous, apart, asunder, babbling, beyond understanding, bipartite, blobby, blurred, blurry, broad, broken, broken off, chance, chancy, chaotic, chopped-off, choppy, confused, decousu, delirious, detached, dichotomous, disconnected, discontinued, discontinuous, discordant, discrete, disjoined, disjointed, disjunctive, disordered, disproportionate, distinct, divergent, dizzy, episodic, fitful, foggy, fuzzy, gapped, garbled, general, giddy, Greek to one, hazy, herky-jerky, hit-or-miss, ill-defined, illogical, impenetrable, imprecise, in two, inaccurate, inarticulate, inchoate, incognizable, incommensurable, incommensurate, incompatible, incomprehensible, incongruous, inconsequent, inconsistent, inconsonant, indecisive, indefinable, indefinite, indeterminable, indeterminate, indistinct, inexact, inscrutable, insular, intermittent, interrupted, irrational, irreconcilable, irregular, jagged, jerky, jumbled, lax, lightheaded, loose, maundering, mixed up, muddled, nonadherent, nonadhesive, noncoherent, noncohesive, noncontinuous, nonlinear, nonsequential, nonserial, nonspecific, nonuniform, numinous, obscure, off, open, orderless, out of proportion, oxymoronic, paradoxical, parenthetic, partitioned, past comprehension, patchy, rambling, random, ranting, raving, scrambled, scrappy, self-contradictory, separate, shadowed forth, shadowy, shapeless, snatchy, spasmodic, spotty, stochastic, suspended, sweeping, tenuous, tongue-tied, unadhesive, unassociated, unattached, unattended, unclear, uncoherent, uncohesive, unconnected, undefined, undestined, undetermined, unfathomable, unintelligible, unjoined, unknowable, unorganized, unplain, unsearchable, unspecified, unsuccessive, untenacious, vague, veiled, wandering, wild