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Meaning of HAY

Pronunciation:  hey

Dream Dictionary
 Definition: Seeing hay in your dream, represents the necessity of hard work; nothing in life comes easy. You may also be feeling hopeless about a situation. Alternatively, hay indicates the need to nurture your maternal instincts, masculine energy, and/or your sexual urges. Consider also the symbol as a pun on "hey". Your dream may be trying to call your attention to something.
Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: acid, antidepressant, ataractic, barley, bird seed, bran, bring in, cat food, chicken feed, chop, corn, crop, crop herbs, cut, DET, diethyltryptamine, dig, dimethyltryptamine, DMT, dog food, eatage, ensilage, feed, fodder, forage, gage, ganja, gather, gather in, glean, grabble, grain, grass, hallucinogen, harvest, hash, hashish, hemp, joint, kava, LSD, marijuana, Mary Jane, mash, meal, mescal, mescal bean, mescal button, mescaline, mind-altering drug, mind-blowing drug, mind-expanding drug, morning glory seeds, mow, nut, oats, pasturage, pasture, pet food, peyote, pick, pluck, pot, provender, psilocin, psilocybin, psychedelic, psychic energizer, psychoactive drug, psychochemical, psychotomimetic, reap, reap and carry, reefer, roach, scratch, scratch feed, silage, slops, stick, STP, straw, swill, tea, THC, tranquilizer, weed, wheat