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Meaning of HALO

Pronunciation:  'heylow

Dream Dictionary
 Definition: Dreaming that you have a halo. means that you are a perfectionist.
Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: annular muscle, annulation, annulus, anthelion, antisun, areola, aura, aureola, aureole, blaze of glory, brilliance, brilliancy, chaplet, charisma, circle, circuit, circumference, circus, closed circle, corona, coronet, countersun, crown, cycle, diadem, disc, discus, disk, envelope, eternal return, fairy ring, garland, glamour, glory, illustriousness, lasso, logical circle, loop, looplet, lunar corona, lunar halo, luster, magic, magic circle, mock moon, mock sun, moon dog, mystique, nimbus, noose, numinousness, O, orbit, paraselene, parhelic circle, parhelion, radiance, radius, rainbow, resplendence, resplendency, ring, rondelle, round, roundel, saucer, solar corona, solar halo, sphincter, splendor, sun dog, vesica, vicious circle, wheel, wreath