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Meaning of GLOVE

Pronunciation:  gluv

Matching Terms:  glove anesthesia, glove compartment, glove doll, glove juice test, glove leather, glove puppet, gloved, gloveless, glover, gloves

Dream Dictionary
 Definition: Seeing or wearing gloves in your dream indicates how you handle things or how you may be getting a handle on something. Alternatively, it means your cautious demeanor and economical way in your dealings with others. Dreaming that you are wearing work gloves, represents a hard job.
Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: battle cry, bid to combat, brass knuckles, cesta, cestus, challenge, dare, defi, defy, double dare, gage, gage of battle, gauntlet, handwear, kid gloves, kids, mittens, mitts, mousquetaire gloves, mousquetaires, muff, rebel yell, war cry, war whoop