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Meaning of GEOGRAPHY

Pronunciation:  jee'√Ęgrufee

Matching Terms:  geographer, geographic, geographic area, geographic coordinates, geographic expedition, geographic information system, geographic point, geographic region, geographic speciation, geographical, geographical area, geographical information system, geographical isolation, geographical mile, geographical point, geographical race, geographical region, geographical zone, geographically, geographics

Dream Dictionary
 Definition: Dreaming that you are studying geography, foretells of much travels in your future.
Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: biosphere, cartography, chorography, cosmical geology, dynamic geology, Earth, Gaea, Ge, geodesy, geodetic satellite, geodetics, geodynamics, geognosy, geographics, geological chemistry, geological engineering, geology, geomorphogeny, geomorphology, geophysics, geoscopy, geosphere, geotectonic geology, globe, historical geology, hydrogeology, mineralogy, mining geology, mother earth, navigation, orbiting geophysical observatory, paleontological geology, pedology, physical geography, physical geology, physiographic geology, physiography, soil mechanics, soil science, stratigraphic geology, stratigraphy, surveying, Tellus, Terra, terrestrial globe, the blue planet, this pendent world, topography, vale, vale of tears, whole wide world, world