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Meaning of GALLOWS

Pronunciation:  'galowz

Matching Terms:  gallow, galloway, gallowglass, gallows bird, gallowstree

Dream Dictionary
 Definition: Seeing gallows in your dream means frustration in your future plans. Seeing yourself being led to the gallows means unexplainable bad luck. Seeing yourself standing on the gallows means that you will suffer from the maliciousness of a false friend and will be betrayed by them.
Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: ax, beheading, block, burning, capital punishment, cross, crucifixion, death chair, death chamber, decapitation, decollation, defenestration, drop, electric chair, electrocution, execution, fusillade, gallows-tree, garrote, gas chamber, gassing, gibbet, guillotine, halter, hanging, hemlock, hemp, hempen collar, hot seat, judicial murder, lapidation, lethal chamber, maiden, necktie party, noose, poisoning, rope, scaffold, shooting, stake, stoning, strangling, strangulation, the ax, the block, the chair, the gallows, the gas chamber, the guillotine, the hot seat, the rope, tree