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Meaning of EUROPE

Pronunciation:  'yûrup

Matching Terms:  europa, europan, europanet, european, european academic and research network, european ash, european barberry, european bean, european beech, european beggar-ticks, european bird cherry, european bittern, european black alder, european black currant, european black grouse, european blackbird, european blueberry, european bog asphodel, european box, european bream, european brooklime, european brown bat, european catfish, european central bank, european chestnut, european community, european computer-industry research centre gmbh, european corn borer, european country, european cranberry, european cranberry bush, european cranberrybush, european creeper, european cuckoo, european curlew, european dewberry, european dogtooth, european dune grass, european economic community, european elder, european elk, european elm, european field elm, european fire salamander, european flatfish, european fly honeysuckle, european gallinule, european goatsucker, european hackberry, european hare, european honeysuckle, european hop, european hornbeam, european house cricket, european ladies' tresses, european larch, european lemming, european lobster, european magpie, european molecular biology lab gene bank, european mountain ash, european nation, european nightjar, european nut pine, european nuthatch, european olive tree, european parsley fern, european pasqueflower, european perch, european plan, european quaking aspen, european rabbit, european raspberry, european recovery program, european red elder, european roller, european sandpiper, european sanicle, european sea bream, european sea eagle, european shrike, european silver fir, european smelt, european sole, european spider crab, european strategic programme for research in infor, european swift, european telecommunications standards institute, european toad, european tortoise, european turkey oak, european union, european water ouzel, european water shrew, european white birch, european white lily, european wildcat, european wolf spider, european wood mouse, european woolly thistle, europeanisation, europeanise, europeanization, europeanize, europium, europocentric

Dream Dictionary
 Definition: Dreaming of traveling to Europe means a long journey which will give you some financial gain. Alternatively, it indicates original thought or old ways of thinking.
Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: Africa, America, Antarctica, Antipodes, Asia, Asia Major, Asia Minor, Australasia, Australia, continent, down under, East, Eastern Hemisphere, eastland, Eurasia, Eurasian landmass, Far East, landmass, Levant, main, mainland, Middle East, Near East, New World, North America, Occident, Oceania, Old World, Orient, peninsula, South America, subcontinent, the old country, West, Western Hemisphere