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Meaning of DUSK

Pronunciation:  dusk

Dream Dictionary
 Definition: Seeing the dusk of day in your dream means defeated hopes and a dark, gloom outlook in your endeavors.
Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: bad light, blackish, broad day, brown of dusk, brownness, caliginous, candlelight, candlelighting, cocklight, crepuscular, crepuscule, dark, dark-colored, darken, darkish, darkishness, darkle, darksome, darksomeness, dawn, day, day glow, daylight, dayshine, daytide, daytime, deadness, dim, dim light, dimmish, dimness, dimpsy, drabness, dullness, duskiness, duskingtide, duskness, dusky, evening, evensong, eventide, flatness, full sun, funereal, gloam, gloaming, gloom, glooming, gloomy, grave, green flash, grow dark, grow dim, half-light, lack of sparkle, lackluster, lifelessness, light of day, lower, lusterlessness, mat, mat finish, midday sun, murk, murkiness, murksome, murky, nightfall, nigrescent, noonlight, noontide light, obscure, owllight, partial darkness, ray of sunshine, sad, semidark, shine, sober, somber, somberness, sombrous, subfusc, sun spark, sunbeam, sunbreak, sunburst, sundown, sunlight, sunset, sunsetty, sunshine, swart, swarthy, tenebrous, twilight, twilighty, unilluminated, vesper, vespertine