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Meaning of DOMINO

Pronunciation:  'dâmu`now

Matching Terms:  domina, dominance, dominance hierarchy, dominance measure, dominance threshold number, dominant, dominant discharge, dominant gene, dominant oncogene, dominant species, dominant-acting oncogene, dominantly, dominate, dominated, dominated by, dominating, domination, dominative, dominator, dominatrix, domine, dominee, domineer, domineering, domineeringly, domineeringness, domingo, domingo de guzman, dominic, dominica, dominical, dominican, dominican dollar, dominican mahogany, dominican monetary unit, dominican peso, dominican republic, dominicide, dominick, dominie, dominion, dominion day, dominique, domino whist, dominoes, dominos, dominus

Dream Dictionary
 Definition: Dreaming that you are playing dominoes and win, foretells that you will be drawn into sinful pleasures, which will bring much distress to your family and relatives. Dreaming that you are playing dominoes and lose indicates that your indiscreetness with the opposite sex will bring much easiness to a friend who has much concern for your safety.