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Meaning of CORAL

Pronunciation:  'korul

Matching Terms:  cora, coracan, coracias, coracias garrulus, coraciidae, coraciiform bird, coraciiformes, coracle, coracoid, corage, coragyps, coragyps atratus, corah, corakan, coral 66, coral bean, coral bean tree, coral bush, coral drops, coral fish, coral fungus, coral gem, coral honeysuckle, coral necklace, coral pea, coral reef, coral root, coral sea, coral snake, coral tree, coral vine, coralbells, coralberry, coraled, corallaceous, corallian, coralliferous, coralliform, coralligena, coralligenous, coralligerous, corallin, coralline, corallinite, corallite, coralloid, coralloidal, corallorhiza, corallorhiza maculata, corallorhiza striata, corallorhiza trifida, corallum, coral-rag, coralroot, coral-root bittercress, coralwood, coralwort, coranach, corant

Dream Dictionary
 Definition: Seeing coral in your dream, symbolizes the beauty of life. Acknowledging your feelings is the key to a happy and rewarding life. Alternatively, it represents purification and blood.