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Meaning of CIRCUS

Pronunciation:  'surkus

Matching Terms:  circuit, circuit board, circuit breaker, circuit calculus, circuit card, circuit court of appeals, circuit switched, circuit switching, circuiteer, circuiter, circuition, circuitous, circuitry, circuity, circulable, circular, circular buffer, circular file, circular function, circular measure, circular plane, circular saw, circularisation, circularise, circularity, circularization, circularize, circular-knit, circularly, circulary, circulate, circulating, circulating decimal, circulating library, circulating(a), circulation, circulative, circulator, circulatorious, circulatory, circulatory failure, circulatory system, circulet, circuline, circum-, circumagitate, circumambage, circumambiency, circumambient, circumambulate, circumbendibus, circumboreal, circumcenter, circumcise, circumciser, circumcision, circumclusion, circumcursation, circumdenudation, circumduce, circumduct, circumduction, circumesophagal, circumesophageal, circumfer, circumference, circumferential, circumferentially, circumferentor, circumflant, circumflect, circumflection, circumflex, circumflex artery, circumflex artery of the thigh, circumflex femoral vein, circumflex humeral artery, circumflex iliac artery, circumflex iliac vein, circumflex scapular artery, circumflex vein, circumflexion, circumfluence, circumfluent, circumforanean, circumfulgent, circumfuse, circumfusile, circumfusion, circumgestation, circumgyrate, circumgyration, circumgyratory, circumgyre, circumincession, circumjacence, circumjacent, circumjovial, circumlittoral, circumlocution, circumlocutional, circumlocutious, circumlocutory, circummeridian, circummure, circumnavigable, circumnavigate, circumnavigation, circumnavigator, circumnutate, circumnutation, circumpolar, circumposition, circumrotary, circumrotate, circumrotation, circumsciss, circumscissile, circumscribable, circumscribe, circumscribed, circumscriber, circumscriptible, circumscription, circumscriptive, circumscriptively, circumscriptly, circumspect, circumspection, circumspective, circumspectively, circumspectly, circumspectness, circumstance, circumstanced, circumstances, circumstant, circumstantiable, circumstantial, circumstantial evidence, circumstantiality, circumstantially, circumstantiate, circumterraneous, circumundulate, circumvallate, circumvallation, circumvection, circumvent, circumvention, circumventive, circumventor, circumvest, circumvolant, circumvolation, circumvolute, circumvolution, circumvolve, circus acrobat, circus aeruginosus, circus cyaneus, circus pygargus, circus tent

Dream Dictionary
 Definition: Dreaming that you are having a terrific time at a circus means your satisfaction and contentment with your current surroundings. But to dream that you are just at the circus means that you are being misunderstood in some way. You are giving off the wrong impression to others. Dreaming that there is chaos at the circus means that your life is out of control.
Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: agora, amphitheater, annular muscle, annulus, arena, areola, athletic field, auditorium, aureole, background, bear garden, bowl, boxing ring, Broadway, bull ring, burlesque, burlesque show, campus, canvas, carnival, chaplet, circle, circuit, circumference, closed circle, cockpit, coliseum, colosseum, coochie show, corona, coronet, course, crescent, crown, cycle, diadem, discus, disk, drama, entertainment industry, eternal return, fairy ring, fantoccini, field, floor, floor show, forum, galanty show, garland, girly show, glory, ground, gym, gymnasium, hall, halo, hippodrome, hootchy-kootchy show, lasso, leg show, legit, legitimate stage, light show, lists, locale, logical circle, loop, looplet, magic circle, magic show, marketplace, mat, milieu, noose, O, off Broadway, off-off-Broadway, ombres chinoises, open forum, orbit, palaestra, parade ground, peep show, pit, place, platform, playland, precinct, prize ring, public square, puppet show, purlieu, radius, range, raree-show, rep show, repertory drama, repertory show, ring, rodeo, rondelle, round, roundel, saucer, scene, scene of action, scenery, setting, shadow show, show biz, show business, sideshow, site, sphere, sphincter, squared circle, stadium, stage, stage set, stage setting, stage world, stagedom, stageland, stock, strawhat, strawhat circuit, summer stock, terrain, the big top, the boards, the footlights, the scenes, the stage, the theater, theater, theater world, theatromania, theatrophobia, tilting ground, tiltyard, variety, variety show, vaudeville, vaudeville show, vicious circle, walk, wheel, wreath, wrestling ring